Summer Living Room

As someone who is always itching to get onto the next DIY project, I need to be able to change things around our home without it breaking the bank or causing too much chaos. I don’t like waiting around and many times have just started painting the walls on a whim. I tend to get bored of a room quite quickly and am always thinking of different ways to enhance or freshen it up.

Our living room is currently painted an off white (although I plan on painting it bright white pretty soon – don’t tell Jon!), with a neutral sofa and a dark wood floor. A far cry from the fuchsia pink and lime green wallpaper that screamed from a feature wall when we moved in. No joke, it was like being on LCD, tripping out whilst catching up on Masterchef!

Summer Living Room

I like to keep other elements fairly neutral too, using a large jute rug and mink colour curtains. We have a white TV unit and coffee table, along with two ‘laptop tables’ from IKEA’s Vittsjo range. At £30 a table, they are a real bargain. Again from IKEA, I’ve recently been given the ‘vending machine’ from my mother – a nickname the men of the family gave it. Clearly they know nothing! I absolutely love this cupboard and it really completes the room.

Summer Living RoomIMG_9201.JPG

By keeping the base of the room quite muted, I can change it up easily with accessories and pops of colour. I have a total love affair with blues and whites. Its so fresh and classic and reminds me of picnics in the sun, sand in between my toes and the smell of freshly cut grass.

Summer Living RoomIMG_9204

All I did to get my living room ready for summer, was change out my cushion covers, add a few different accessories and swap some of my picture frames for a couple of free printables I found on Pinterest. I’m still moving things round now and then, but overall it feels like a new room again. Not bad for an hours work!

Summer Living RoomSummer Living Room

This fresh look will see us through summer, until i bust out the burnt orange tartan cushion covers and autumnal faux foliage (I can keep a child alive, but don’t ask about plants).


I’d love to hear your thoughts on our summer living room. Do you decorate for the seasons? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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