Our Wedding Plans

Jon and I have been engaged for nine years this December. NINE YEARS! We’d only been together a year when Jon popped the question, drunk at our work Christmas party. In fairness, he’d already asked my dad, so it wasn’t an alcohol induced bright idea, that he immediately regretted when he woke in his kebab the next morning.

We bought our first home four years ago and wanted a baby straight away. Not traditional I know, but a wedding can come with so much expense, that it just didn’t score highly on our priorities. Fast forward to the present and we decided that there would never be a ‘right time’ to get married; if we kept putting it off, it was never going to happen.

As we’ve been together for so long, we didn’t want a big formal day, but just a party with our nearest and dearest. Lots of dancing, drinks and happy faces. We went to my aunt and uncle’s wedding a couple of years ago and they felt similarly, in that they had been together a long time and didn’t want any of the wedding ‘formalities’, just a big party. They got married on a Friday afternoon, served drinks and canapés while they had photos and then straight into the evening party. On the Saturday, the guests who attended the ceremony all came round to their house for a relaxed garden party, which extended into the wee hours of the morning and got slightly messy after the shots came out!

It was a fantastic weekend and allowed everyone to celebrate that little bit longer. Everyone always says your wedding day goes by in a flash; why not extend the celebrations? So that’s exactly what we’re doing; a Friday afternoon wedding with a big party to follow and then a garden party at my (very kind) parent’s house on the Saturday for our ceremony guests. We have lots of plans to make both days fun and relaxed and I’ll be posting a bit more about them in the next few weeks.

We’ll FINALLY be getting hitched on Friday 8th September 2017, and I cannot wait! Here’s a little of the inspiration for the weekend. Let me know if you did something similar or have any ideas for us.

Emma  x

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