A Weekend in Kraków

A few months back (before we knew I was pregnant) my parents very kindly booked us a long weekend to Kraków as a wedding gift. We’ve never been away without Daisy before and she doesn’t actually sleep out that often either, so I was a little nervous about leaving her.

I knew she’d be completely fine with her grandparents and to be honest, it was probably me I was more worried about! Add to that pregnancy hormones and her asking “you coming home Mammy?” via FaceTime on Friday night, I’ll admit I did shed a little tear. All the Mama guilt! Fast forward to Sunday and she can’t wait to ‘press the red button’ a.k.a hang up on us. Ahhh the honesty of children eh?!

The city itself is full of beautiful structures with incredible detail, perfectly preserved. Many of the streets host colourful houses, complete with wrought iron balconies and ornate wooden doors. St Mary’s Basilica, Wawel Castle and St Florian’s Gate are all perfect examples of how well preserved the area is and well worth a visit.We booked a trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau on the Sunday, which included transport from our hotel and a full English speaking tour. I’ve seen and read a lot about it before and studied WW2, but you honestly can’t fully understand the atrocities until you’ve been there. I genuinely think everyone should visit. For want of a better word, it’s very tastefully done. The horror speaks for itself when you hear the stories from the tour guide and see the conditions people were living in. It’s harrowing and completely consuming; we spent much of the evening reading more about it online.

We found a fabulous place to watch the Six Nations Final on Saturday afternoon, called The Polski Pub, which serves amazing woodfired pizzas and freshly brewed steins of beer; of which Jon had his fair share! There are so many lovely places to eat and drink, with many restaurants on the main square having ‘outdoor’ seating; covered over tables and chairs with heaters and blankets; very cosy.During the weekend it snowed on and off and temperatures dropped to -8’C during the day. Although incredibly cold, it did make for some pretty scenery and extra coziness when indoors.I’d highly recommend Kraków to anyone looking for a city break. We’d love to go back someday as there’s still so much we didn’t see or do. The people are friendly, it’s easy to get around and unbelievably cheap. We stayed at Leone Aparthotel, a beautiful building just ten minutes from the main square, which offers a lovely breakfast and packed lunches at an extra charge.

If you’ve been to Kraków, before I’d love to know what you thought.

Emma x

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