Pregnancy Update – 37 & 38 Weeks

Who needs sleep anyway huh? After a week of disrupted sleep thanks to an ear infection, it kindly cleared up… and moved to the other ear?! Thankfully, it’s starting to get a little better and I’m not second guessing as many conversations from lack of hearing. There are only so many times you can ask people to repeat themselves, before politely nodding instead and giving it a “mmm hmm”. My blood pressure was a little higher than normal this week at antenatal (it’s normally quite low) so combined with the swelling to my feet, the midwives wanted to keep an eye on it. My mother (who’s also a nurse) checked it later in the day and it was higher again, so we spent the evening at the maternity ward getting checked over. My bloods came back fine, baby’s movements were all okay and my blood pressure came back down eventually so I was okay to go home. Unfortunately, this continued all weekend with me back and forth the hospital numerous times, but as long as baby is doing ok and my bloods are good, there’s nothing more to be done.Aside from that, everything else is going good. Baby is super low down and apparently engaged, still wriggling lots and giving me some awesome ‘lightening crotch’ pains. I’m having so many baths to relax I’ll be donning a tail and a shell bra soon; just call me Ariel! Fingers crossed we won’t be waiting much longer now though, especially seeing as this weather (lovely yes I know) is turning me into a melting pool of emotions. All I want to do do is lie on the bathroom floor with an ice lolly!

Emma x

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