Elf on the Shelf Plan

So last year, Elvis Twinkletoes was sent by Santa to keep an eye on Daisy. Unfortunately, Daisy’s mammy wasn’t very good at ‘helping’ Elvis and he remained on the sidelines for the whole of December. Thankfully, Daisy doesn’t remember and I don’t have to hang my head quite so low. So this year, I have a plan… ok it’s just a list so hardly cunning, but I’ll be prepared.Most of the ideas don’t require a lot of work or time, and can be done quickly after Daisy goes to bed. I ordered our Elf through Groupon, but I’ve seen them loads of places this year. I picked up a few accessories in a local Christmas shop but everything else is already stuff we have at home.

I’d love to know if you do Elf on the Shelf and what are your favourite ideas. Let me know and may the Christmas chaos begin!

  1. Elf arrives with advent calendars and letter from Santa
  2. Elf on a swing
  3. Reading Christmas books
  4. Making snow angels in flour
  5. In a sleeping bag
  6. Eating popcorn with a movie
  7. Rudolph noses
  8. In fridge with a blanket
  9. Magnet message
  10. On a sleigh
  11. Birthday message for Daisy
  12. Playing photographer
  13. Has a cold
  14. Eating sweets / chocolate
  15. Sleeping selfie with Daisy
  16. Playing building blocks
  17. On top of the tree
  18. Toilet roll down the stairs
  19. Tangled in fairy lights
  20. Spa day
  21. Dance party
  22. Balloons to celebrate first day of Christmas holidays
  23. Wrapped in sellotape
  24. Christmas Eve boxes and goodbye letter

Emma x